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The Sunset Vets Logo

About The Sunset Vets

We are a group of veterinarians that had a desire to serve our animals and their families in the most dignified way we could. 

We firmly believe euthanasia is how we show respect to our best friends for their unconditional love. 

The term "Sunset" comes from the use of the word in Caribbean culture as the date of passing away. It is a beautiful way to picture a our best friends walking into the sun after their job on earth is done. 

Siberian colorful fluffy cat and dog fawn Labrador walk at sunset in the mountains in the
Shot of a Girl with her senior black labrador


In home euthanasia is designed to be calm, peaceful and minimally stressful for you and your pet. When our vet arrives, you will have some paperwork to sign, then we focus on your pet. We will provide anesthesia through a single shot under the skin or in the muscle to allow the pet to slowly fall asleep with you. We will then injection a second solution into the vein or a select organ to allow the heart to stop. The process takes from 5-30 min, and we never rush it. After your pet has passed, you have time to say goodbye while we pack our things. When you are ready, we will take your pets body with us to prepare for cremation. 

  • Our service area is: Southwest Arlington, Mansfield, Midlothian, Waxahachie and surrounding areas. 

  • The in home euthanasia cost for pets <100lb is $420 (within our driving radius.) An additional $50-100 may be added for service outside of our area. 

  • Cremation can be arranged as well for an additional cost. (Returns take 10-14 business days)

    • Private cremation 0-100lb (Cedar box with name plate, paw print and ink nose print) $350 ​

    • Communal cremation (no ashes returned) $150 

      • *Giant breeds or special requests with remains will have an additional costs. Inquire for cost. ​​

  • After 5pm there is an additional fee and subject to availability. ​​


*Please note, we prefer for payment to be processed online prior to the vet arriving. We do accept cash if that method is preferred. We do not accept checks.  


If you are struggling deciding if it is time for your pet, the button below will download a PDF that helps you evaluate your pets quality of life.  
The website below has a detailed description of why we grieve pet loss, and many options for coping with the pain.
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